I am a simple audio visual management tool for slack created by the geeks at ConferenceRoomSystems.com! We found that creating a catalog of your available conference rooms and the equipment/resources available for your team in Slack makes sense! Slack is all about transparency with your team and our app helps users search and manage available conference room resources with their slack team. You can create a channel called “Meeting Spaces” OR users can search through slack in any channel completely privately.

1. Equipment Managment

Managing equipment and resources could not be easier. Each item has a unique number you can use to update the details of your equipment. For example your camera might be number 3 in your item list and you can update the model by entering /avbot update 3 model: HuddleCamHD 3X.

Easily Manage Equipment Status

Add equipment to the selected room
"/avbot add equipment"
Remove equipment from the selected room. Use “/avbot remove” to view a list of equipment in the selected room
"/avbot remove [equipment number]"
Update equipment details [options ->name:, model:, description:, image:, status: — don’t forget that colon].
"/avbot update" – Use to display all equipment sorted by a numbered list
"/avbot update [equipment number] model:new model"
Update room resource room_name [options -> add,delete]. You can choose to update one ore more resources. When opting for more than one, use a comma (“,”) as a delimiter
"/avbot update room resource"` – Use to display all of the current room resources in numbered list
"/avbot update room resource add resource1,resource2,etc."

"/avbot update room resource delete [resource number1], [resource number2], etc."
Update equipment requirements [options-> add, delete]. You can choose to update one ore more resources. When opting for more than one, use a comma (“,”) as a delimiter
"/avbot update [equipment number] requirement"` – Displays all of the selected equipment’s numbered requirements
`"/avbot update [equipment number] requirement add requirement1,requirement2,etc."
"/avbot update [equipment number] requirement delete [requirement number1],[requirement number2],etc."
Display all equipment and its details from the specified room
"/avbot report room name"

2. ​Finding a Meeting Space

Finding a meeting space is easy. One of the easiest ways is to simply display all rooms by typing in /avbot list rooms. You can book your meeting room right there in the search results or dig deeper into the rooms equipment and resource by calling a report with /avbot report [room name].

Search for resources & equipment

Locate equipment, room resources, or occupancy size [options-> equipment, resource, occupancy] "/avbot find equipment equipment name"
"/avbot find resource mounted spot-lights"
"/avbot find occupancy 10"
Display a list of all rooms and their related resources, equipment, and requirements
"/avbot list rooms"

3. Room Manager

Managing room’s with Slack is so easy! Simple add and change room status on the fly without leaving slack. Users can simply search for equipment, resources or display a list of all rooms to book a meeting in.

Easy room management

/avbot list rooms (delivers report of all meeting rooms available to team)

/avbot report [Room Name] (displays all room equipment with status i.e working or not working for selected room)

/avbot create [Room Name] (creates a new room and prompts user for equipment & status)

Create a new room (this command also auto selects the room)
"/avbot create room name" (spaces are allowed)
Delete a room. All equipment will be removed
"/avbot delete room"
Select an existing room to add or update the rooms equipment and resource(s)
"/avbot select room"

update room – Update room details [options -> location:, description:, image:, status, admin:, and admin_email: — don’t forget that colon] "/avbot update room image:http://location.to.image.jpg"`

Additional AVBot Commands:

Every room can have it’s own unique admin and email address! This is ideal for alerting the proper party when equipment status changes from working to not working.

/avbot help (displays list of all possible commands)

/avbot support (prompts user to send a support message to admin email for selected room)

/avbot feedback (sends feedback email to us at Conference Room Systems!)

 AVBOT slackVariables I keep track of:

  • Admin Users (each room can have a unique admin users who gets notified when equipment status is set to not working in that room)
  • Room (contains variables on equipment)
    • Picture of room (user prompted for url)
    • Room Name (Searchable)
    • Optional Room Description:
      • Optional Room Resource (Searchable)
      • Optional Room Location:
        • Optional Room Occupancy (Searchable)
      • Equipment Status
      • Equipment description
      • Equipment model


Future Support:
Currently the AVBot supports a very simple “Book this Room” feature which directs users to google calendars. Future integration add-on’s will include full integration with Google Calendars and Microsoft Exchange optionally. The AVBot does support full image control for rooms along with a host of other details including: location, occupancy, description and resources. This organizational system is “room based” which is also ideal for facilities managers who need to maintain real time information from a large connected user base. The system is also extremely customizable allowing for unique admin’s for each room with automatic email messaging when equipment is status’s are changed to “not working”.


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