Slack Commands:

@avbot help (displays list of all possible commands)

@avbot #room_name create (creates a new room)

@avbot #room_name add equipment (add equipment to room)

@avbot #room_name #equipment_name update (update equipment) return message (working or not working)

@avbot #room_name report (displays all room equipment with status i.e working or not working for all equipment)

@avbot report (shows report of all rooms)

@avbot #equipment_name find (shows reports of all rooms with required equipment capabilities and status of equipment)

@avbot delete (the ability to delete a room or equipment entry)

@avbot admin (sets superuser who will be notified if equipment turns to not working status)

@avbot support [message] (sends support message to admin email)

@avbot feedback (sends feedback message to developers

@avbot help (shows list of all commands)


Future Development:

-Live updates for room availability

-Import CVS file of resources

-Ability to reserve rooms and display room schedule