Installation Process:

The installation of the AVbot is simple. You can click the “Add to Slack” button and you will be asked to authenticate with Slack. We suggest that you create a Slack Channel called “Meeting Spaces” OR “AVBot” for the AVBot to report to. Once you “Authorize” the AVbot to interact with your Slack team you are ready to use the AVbot! It’s that easy!

The AVBot uses a mix of private and public responses. When you add, delete or update rooms, resources or equipment the AVBot response will be posted the channel you are messaging from. If you are setting up a lot of rooms & equipment you may want to set up a temporary channel and archive it once your database of AV resources is complete.

NOTE: The AVBot requires a Slack Account. If you don’t have Slack and you want to use the AVBot there is a free Slack option for small teams (perfect for small IT & AV departments). You can set up a free account here.

Add to Slack

authorize AVBot